Bored… This Looks Like Fun

Choose your top five fandoms:

1. How I Met Your Mother

2. The Big Bang Theory

3. Harry Potter

4. Psych

5. Avengers

The first character you fell in love with:

1. Marshall (:

2. Raj

3. Harry

4. Gus!

5. Thor

The character you never expected to love:

1. Barney (As weird as that is…) 

2. Howard

3. Draco

4. Lassiter

5. Fury (He’s pretty badass)

The character you’re most like:

1. Lily (I’m pretty childish at times and I’m terrible at lying)

2. Bernadette (I’m very nurturing (: )

3. Ron (I can be REALLY dense sometimes -_-;)

4. Juliet (I like to get the job done, have a very strong sense of justice, and can be serious and playful)

5. Steve/Captain America (Like I said… sometimes things go right over my head lol)

The character you’d slap:

1. Barney (But don’t get me wrong, I love the Barnman!)

2.  Will Wheaton (Sheldon’s archnemesis!!!! Just kidding… I wouldn’t really slap any of them)

3. Wormtail (Just… ugh…)

4. Blonde Girl whose name escapes me (The “kidnapped” girl in the finale of the Yin/Yang trilogy)

5. Hawkeye (Just to get him to snap out of it of course (: )

Five favorite characters (in order):

1. Marshall, Barney, Lily, Ted, Robin

2. Raj, Sheldon, Amy Farah Fowler, Howard, Leonard

3. Harry, Hermione, Sirius, Fred, Ron

4. Gus, Shawn, Juliet, Henry, Lassiter

5. Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain America

Your OTP:

1. Marshall & Lily! (Ah… (: )

2. Sheldon & Amy

3. Ron & Hermione

4. Shawn & Juliet

5. Hawkeye & Black Widow (One of me and the boyfriend’s options for Halloween costumes :D )